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Normal reaction in circular motion

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A bead of mass m is tied at one end of a spring of spring constant mg/R and unstretched length R/2 and other end to fixed point O. The smooth semicircular wire frame is fixed in vertical plane. Find the normal reaction between bead and wire just before it reaches the lowest point.

I tried as
By energy conservation
PE of spring(final - initial) + PE due to gravity = change in KE
(1/2)(mg/R)R$^2$ + 2mgR = (1/2)mv$^2$
From this I got cetripetal force as 5mg towards the centre,O.
And gravitational force ,mg at B downwards .
So net force is 4mg that is normal reaction

But the answer given as 6mg

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Please can you explain your equation for energy conservation? I don't understand it. And how did you get centripetal force $5mgR$? This is not a force. $5mg$ is a force, $5mgR$ is not.
Sorry for the mistake , I have edited
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You have subtracted $mg$ from $5mg$ but you should have added.

The centre of rotation is above B so the net upwards force on the bead is
where $N$ is the normal reaction $N$ acting on the bead. Hence

answered Jan 27, 2017 by sammy gerbil (28,876 points)
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