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when will the site be completed?- part 2

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On 7 December 2016 physicsapproval asked When will the site be completed and up on the search engines? The site was then not much more than 1 month old. Almost 3 months later we are still in the same position.

Have the founders and developers abandoned the site? What progress is being made? What is preventing the site from being available to search engines?

asked Mar 2, 2017 in Meta by sammy gerbil (28,746 points)
Yes everyone is waiting for that .
Hi Sammy I can work on adding this in the next few weeks.
I would be very happy for that
I am able to see the site on the google engine if I am right :)
on Google if I write physics qanda exchange then this site is there in the search results   :)
That looks amazing !

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