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Under Construction - What's left?

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This site is currently still under construction (shout out to Einstein here, for building this amazing site from scratch). This is a list of things that we haven't yet added to the site, just to get things started. If you have things to add that I forgot, please don't answer, but edit the question and add them. Hopefully this will be one single to-do list that will contain everything we have to do.


  • LaTeX not rendering properly in several cases. See this answer, this question, and this question.
  • Close vote and flagging reasons (as described in the close votes meta post)
  • The Q&A and Questions tabs seem to have the same things in them
  • Not many tags - maybe import those from Physics.SE?
  • Full chat room, for moderators and non-moderators, with functionality like that of the SE chat
  • Meta and normal site separation (easier to switch between the two)
  • Remove "banned" users tab
  • Auto-fit of image size (See [this question](http://physicsproblems.nfshost.com/?qa=145/moment-of-force-exerted-by-water-on-tube) where the uploaded image has been literally cropped out while being uploaded)
  • Currently while editing any previous answer there is a constant shaking motion in the preview (with a message at the left bottom saying "Processing Math") which seems quite distracting. We need to stabilize the preview (like in the Stack Exchange sites).
  • Pinging Users: Currently if we reply to a certain message all the people who had participated in the comment thread get notified. Single user pinging should be activated like in the Stack Exchange sites. (Maybe multi-user pinging too?)
  • Optimization for mobile browsers like in Android or IOS.
  • Removing the accounts of bots.
  • Edit system: Whom should we allow to edit posts? Should there be peer review system of edits before an user reaches a certain reputation? This is something to discuss.
  • Close vote/review system - systems for this like on SE; this goes with the previous one.
  • Maybe an Android and IOS app too? (This should be placed last in order of priority.)
  • It seems to be impossible to delete comments, whether you are a moderator or not. This would be a good thing to add (deletion of your own comments for non-moderators, deletion of any comments for moderators).
  • Flagging comments is not yet existent. This would be reasons such as obsolete, spam, not constructive, too chatty, etc, like the ones on SE.
  • Moving comments to chat - this obviously depends on having chat.
  • Make acceptance of an answer allowed only by the user who asked the question.
  • Weird problem - the notifications tab is not showing up centered for one user. It is occurring using chrome on a windows 10 operating system:
  • when adding an image to a question/answer, you are unable to upload the image from your computer
  • Upvote/downvote/answer/comment notifications seem to be showing up twice in the feed.
  • Formatting/in-text links not working in comments


  • Logo
  • Background/site design
  • The current design i.e. white screen on a large grey background should be replaced with a single background. The screen space is getting wasted currently on the extra large grey borders
  • Site name
  • Legalese - terms and conditions
  • Debate over the rep system - what are appropriate amounts? Are there any changes we need to make?
  • Advertising the site on Google and using Search Engine Optimization plugins.

Again, please edit the question and add any things you think of.

asked Nov 4, 2016 in Meta by heather (412 points)
edited Dec 8, 2016 by heather
Okay , but what about the 1st one ?
how to see hide posts ?
Hiding a post is like deleting it, other users can't see hidden posts.
If I want to see the posts which are hidden by me . Then from where I can see it ?
how to make text bold/italic in the comments ?

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