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How will we advertise our new site?

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Thanks to the efforts of Einstein, heather and S007 .....the much envisioned physics problems Q&A site is ready (almost!). But the question is that how can we attract more users to register on a daily basis and make the site more lively and active in terms of the questions being asked as well as their views. I suppose this would play a key role in making the site more better and successful....

Since I have no experience in this kind of stuff.....I can barely provide suggestions....maybe bringing in questions from Physics SE (which have been closed there) is a way of doing it.

Thanks for the answer and valuable comments!!

asked Nov 4, 2016 in Meta by SirJMP (210 points)
Thanks for the question. Avoid using too many........ in answers. Use the standard triple dot notation "..." . BTW do check out the answer below :)

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I strongly believe that "first impression is the last impression". It has just been a few days and I would say that we should wait at least a month before advertising our site publicly. The site still has a dozen of technical glitches that we need to address and fix. Moreover we haven't finalized the rules and regulations of the site. I would also say that refrain from advertising the site too much on other public forums for about a month ( not even on Physics SE ) simply because we want to give our users a good first experience :). However, you can tell about the site to people whom you "know" in real life or in the Physics SE chat room. Our first aim should be to gather some experts in Physics who can answer good quality questions with quality answers (maybe we could invite some of the top members of Physics Stack Exchange individually), because the site cannot function without knowledgeable members. Here, answering questions is as important as (or perhaps more important than) than asking questions .

Now coming to how we can advertise our site. There are several ways, some of which I state below:

  • Submitting the site to popular websites such as Google, Reddit, etc. which have billions of views per month. Another alternative is using a free traffic exchange website.

  • Making social account profiles for the website like on Twitter and Facebook and share it with your social community.

  • Making use of Google Ads (might be paid).

  • Using Search Engine Optimization plugins or websites like GoDaddy.com

  • Invite the users from Physics Stack Exchange by writing a meta post there.

  • Announce the final and official launch of the site on a special occasion like New Year.

  • Last but not the least, participate in making the site better. Nothing is more attractive in a website than "high quality content" which is bound to drive users back. (Just like that one "awesome" movie which we like to see again and again and again! ;- ) )

answered Nov 4, 2016 by xxxx (160 points)
edited Nov 9, 2016 by Einstein
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Just wanted to point out that one other way here is creating a community ad to be posted on Physics.SE and other such sites. In fact, that is indeed the case and I am working with S007 and Einstein to create a good ad to share. However, as S007 said in the other answer, we do need to wait a tad before advertising. The one other development along this line is the posting here of a Physics.SE meta post.

This discussion will probably become bigger once the construction list is completed, so the more we help with that and seeing what needs to be done, the better. Hope this helps clarify a bit!

answered Nov 4, 2016 by heather (412 points)