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Should I upload images of my question or rewrite it into LaTeX?

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I'm a new user to this site(I had my account long back but I was not active). This question about guidlines explains that only images of problems should not be uploaded. But I see many questions here where only image of the question is posted.

So, is uploading the question/answer image acceptable here or problems should be converted to LaTeX markup?

asked May 21, 2017 in Meta by Apoorv Potnis (110 points)

2 Answers

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Please refer to the terms and conditions. One must not post copywrighted material.

answered May 21, 2017 by Einstein (1,486 points)
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The Executive Summary to the Scope and Guidelines states

2. Reproduce the problem statement accurately. ...
4. Do not simply post images of the problem statement or your work.

The Executive Summary was posted when the site was very new. Since then the practice has been to allow questions and answers which are posted as images. This has not created any practical difficulties. It does mean that the question is less likely to feature in internet searches, but I think that is outweighed by the advantages of being able to see the exact text of the question (which fulfills point #2), and the time saved typing the question.

I think the only concern is that it might be illegal and make the website liable to a claim for compensation.

Copyright Law allows you to make limited reproductions from textbooks for personal use without the need to obtain the author's permission. This is known as the "Fair Use Rule" and probably applies to uploading images of text or illustrations from a textbook for the purpose of discussing the solution. Where the use is educational and not-for-profit, the amount copied is a small fraction of the book (usually 5% is the limit), and sharing is limited, you are probably ok.

See When can I use a work without the author's permission?

answered Jun 19, 2017 by sammy gerbil (28,466 points)
edited Nov 5, 2018 by sammy gerbil
I'm not asking​ about copyright laws. Image only questions are not searchable on search engines. So, it is difficult to identify duplicate questions. I think image only questions are generally not ok on Physics.SE. I was just wondering if similar policy applies here or not.
Yes image questions would not be searchable on search engines ,  though they would be time saving for one but not that helpful for others to find them easily .
Our policy regarding duplicates is not the same as on Physics Stack Exchange. Our goal is to answer questions, not create an archive of searchable answers. We do not refuse new questions which are duplicates of earlier questions. If I am aware of the earlier question I will point it out. If you are not satisfied with the earlier answer I will provide further explanation.