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What happens to the mass of the isolated conducting sphere when it is given a positive charge? [closed]

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I couldn't solve it.
Also, how can I relate capacitors with day to day life, for eg: the various terms like capacitance,dielectric,isolated sphere,parallel plates capacitors etc are not used to terms for me, so how can I relate these terms with day to day life?

closed with the note: too conceptual
asked Jul 19, 2017 in Physics Problems by Team B.I (110 points)
closed May 14, 2018 by sammy gerbil
Where is the question ? I am unable to understand whatcyou want to ask.
I think that your question may not be suitable for this site. We deal only with problem-solving questions. Your question does not seem to fit into this category. See http://physicsproblems.nfshost.com//?qa=1646/can-question-relating-concept-the-hope-understanding-better.