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Moderator Guidelines

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Below is a start of a list of moderation guidelines or principles. Over time we can expand this list and increase its sophistication.

  • Spam and Offensive Content - A moderator should hide a question, comment or answer immediately if the content is offensive, spam or contains copyright material.

  • Closing Questions - As the site is in its infancy, I think we should have at least two moderators agree before we close a question as being off topic. This is because closing for off-topic can often be a subjective decision. (While we develop a close voting system, please flag proposed questions to close in the moderator chat)

  • Editing Posts - Moderators may edit posts to improve quality (e.g. correcting grammatical mistakes or adding Latex to a post). Moderators should not make substantial changes to a posts content that results in the post differing from the original users intention.

  • Be Friendly and Welcoming to New Users - New users are often unfamiliar with the Q&A model as well as the standards we expect. Please bear this in mind when communicating with new users.

  • Participate - Politely and in accordance with site rules.

  • Banning Users - Should only be done for serious offences (which violate rules that need be clearly defined in another post) and must always be discussed with other moderators.

  • Discuss Decisions with Other Moderators - the bigger the decision, the more discussion there should be.

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You might want to have a look at PO's moderator manual -- https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_ra1Ss1E-rWN3cyRC1zalAtT1U/edit -- for some indication to making this more comprehensive.
dimension10 Thank you for the link, but I strongly disagree with several points in the document you linked, like "no civility rules" and stuff like "deliberate censorship will get you kicked out". Seems more of a joke to me.
The point is that the guidelines could be more precise, and that it would probably eventually need to include detailed instructions on stuff like community moderation, standard procedures with regards to policy violations, etc. The PO guidelines are optimal, but that's the point I'm making here.
@dimension10, it looks like a very comprehensive and useful guide.  Thanks very much for the link and I will read through it over the weekend.

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