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How to solve this throwing ball off cliff question [closed]

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For b) I was curious why i couldn't use $s = ut + \frac12at^2$ as my equation as i had all the necessary known values. Instead to get the correct answer i had to use $v=u + at$.

Why is this so? Thank you for your time.

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asked Jan 6 in Physics Problems by aaryanb (120 points)
closed Feb 18 by sammy gerbil
Why do you think you cannot use $s=ut+\frac12 at^2$?  As you state, you have the necessary values of $s, u, a$. There is only one unknown variable $t$. You will need to solve a quadratic equation, but it is not impossible.

It is much simpler to use $v=u+at$. But this does not prevent you from using any other formula.