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Find position and velocity at t=0?

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An object moves with constant acceleration. At t= 2.50 s, the position of the object is x=2.00 m and its velocity is v= 4.50 m/s. At t= 7.00 s, v= -12.0 m/s.
(a) the position and the velocity at t= 0;
(b) the average speed from 2.50s to 7.00 s, and
(c) the average velocity from 2.50s to 7.00 s.

I tried using the kinematic equations of motion for constant acceleration but my answers make no sense.

asked Feb 5 in Physics Problems by Phycftp (110 points)
edited Feb 5 by sammy gerbil
What answers do you get? Why don't they make sense? Please show your calculation. Then we can see what you might be doing wrong.

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