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Pasteboard images not displayed

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Images which have been embedded using the CDN link provided by Pasteboard are not currently displaying on this site. I have become aware of this problem on Monday 18 February 2019.

This affects all images uploaded at any time, not only new images. Around 500 posts (questions plus answers) could be affected. So this is a very serious problem, because a crucial part of questions or answers may be contained in the image.

What is going wrong and when will this problem be resolved?

asked Feb 18 in Meta by sammy gerbil (28,806 points)
reshown May 16 by sammy gerbil

1 Answer

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Pasteboard does not have any customer support. I have posted an issue on GitHub and received the following reply from the creator of Pasteboard, Joel Besada :

Hi, the cdn domain has been blocked by the registry where it was registered. I'm still awaiting a response from them, but until then I cannot make any promises of when (or if) the images will become available again. You can still view the images at the pasteboard.co/<image> URL, but directly embedding from the previous CDN will not work until this issue is resolved.
I know this sucks big time for anyone depending on the content they've uploaded through the site, but there's really nothing I can do at this point.


In the meantime I recommend that anyone uploading an image should use IMGUR instead of Pasteboard. The instructions can be found in my answer to the question How to Upload an Image.

answered Feb 18 by sammy gerbil (28,806 points)