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When will the site be completed?

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I just wanted to know when the site would be up on the search engines. Is any help, like adding more variety of questions related to different tags, from the user side required?

asked Dec 7, 2016 in Meta by physicsapproval (2,320 points)
edited Dec 8, 2016 by heather
See [this meta question](http://physics.qandaexchange.com/?qa=168/under-construction-whats-left) for a list of what is left to be done.
okay,I will check what I can help with.
I thought why wouldn't a search bar be there for the question this would also make it a lot easier to search them.
its on top right ahh!  thought still can we make it more prominent and bring it down and extending the main notification bar with live feeds.
So when WILL the site be on the search engines? The list of things which are still to be done is still quite long. Isn't the site good enough as it is? Couldn't features be added as the site grows?

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